Medium Length Bob Hairstyles For Fine Hair


Medium Length Bob Hairstyles For Fine Hair

A bob haircut is a fairly decent and relatively low-maintenance solution for fine hair. A collarbone, chin-length or cropped styles are equally beneficial for hair that lacks body. It can always be added with simple styling techniques and available hair products. The following are some of the cutest examples of bob hairstyles for fine hair. Even if you have been sticking to this cut for years, view them with ideas for a seasonal update in mind.

Medium Length Bob Hairstyles For Fine Hair

Messy bob hairstyles are super chic, convenient, trendy and easy to style. All you need is to get a flattering bob haircut and select the right hair product for your hair type. Naturally wavy hair is the direct indication for a messy bob. But even if your locks are straight, there are ways to achieve the popular messy texture. Here are 20 cool ideas for messy bob enthusiasts!

Medium Length Bob Hairstyles For Fine Hair


Fine hair is often described as silky or baby soft. It has a beautiful, touchable texture. Fine hair is also typically usually confused with thin hair. Fine hair could actually be sparse or abundant, but what makes hair fine is the diameter of the each hair strand. It is smaller than average hair.

Medium Length Bob Hairstyles For Fine Hair

Bobbed hair used to be a very bold hairdo back in the 20’s, and at present it’s one of the most popular hairstyles for fine hair. Today we no longer assume that longer hair is always better. Fine hair looks good when it’s short-to-medium, with disconnected ends. And sharp, shaggy layers are the easiest way to achieve that.

Medium Length Bob Hairstyles For Fine Hair

Bob haircuts for fine hair can have both layers and accurate edges. The bottom of this bob gives a geometric shape to the style which is not too strict thanks to the wispy layers. Yes, modern bob styles are quite contradictory, and we love that!

Medium Length Bob Hairstyles For Fine Hair

When it comes to short hairstyles, a chin-length bob with bangs is unquestionably the one that celebrities have loved over the years. If your hair is short and you are looking for some inspiration, you are in the right place! Besides, if you still have longer locks and think of cutting them short, here we’ve sorted out some of the hottest bob looks.

Medium Length Bob Hairstyles For Fine Hair

Bobbed shag, shagged bob – the effect is the same. Lift your fine strands with an edgy hair bend. The tousled styling is easy to achieve, and as a result, bob haircuts for fine hair like this one don’t fall flat.

Medium Length Bob Hairstyles For Fine Hair

It’s enduring popularity is evident when celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes debut this headline-making haircut. Wear it short, wear it long, or try any of these medium length bob hairstyles for a look that’s just right for you.

Medium length hair is very versatile. It’s right in between short and long hair, giving you the best of both worlds. Style this length with soft, loose curls to give the appearance of thicker hair.

If you have fine hair but abundant hair, you can get away with growing your hair long. To keep it looking thick, avoid cutting too many layers. Even with her hair worn straight, the hair of the model in this picture still has a good amount of weight. The only layers she has are face framing layers, which do not remove volume from the hair internally.

Fine hair appears to have more volume when it’s short. Without the length weighing it down, it’s free to bounce, giving off the appearance of thicker tresses. This bob does exactly that—with a length that falls around the chin, you’ll be able to style it big and free!

No bangs? No problem. If one-length looks are your thing, this tousled long bob is the perfect way to infuse movement, especially on fine hair that tends to fall flat. Spritz a generous amount of your favorite sea salt spray into your hands and scrunch it through the lengths of damp, just-washed hair, then let it air-dry for effortless texture.

Haircuts for fine hair that fall past the shoulders can sometimes look straggly. However, her long layered bob does not. Well, this chic bob hairstyle uses different lengths and highlights to its advantage. The lighter blonde ends create dimension, and the disconnected pieces add a wonderful texture.

Bob ‘dos no longer need any introduction, and neither do their edgier cousins, choppy bob hairstyles. That’s because they’ve been around for long enough to have taken on many creative, versatile guises. The 20 amazing styles below are visual testaments to this style’s staying power, across time and fashion trends.

Fine hair has its advantages too, not only drawbacks. If your hair is thin, you can easily achieve those amazing soft looks which appear so very tender and feminine. You may even enhance the impression with a soft flaxen blonde hair color. Check this A-line bob – it’s so lovely!

Most girls with thin hair complain of thin ends. The longer the hair, the more evident the problem. That’s why, commonly, a long length, distinct layers, and straight hairstyles don’t cooperate with thin hair. Try very light layers, wavy texture and soft color transitions instead. These make a big difference.

Interested in hairstyles for thin hair that create the illusion of fullness and thickness? Then sometimes it’s better to go short. That might seem counterintuitive, but a short ‘do doesn’t make fine hair look thinner. On the contrary, it offers a style that works best for this type of hair.

This short bob is something to rave about! It gives off an elegant vibe with its carefully cut length and messy texture. The side-swept bangs are cut to effortlessly fall across your forehead, softening the look. The shorter the length, the easier it is to style your hair, so make the chop and spare some extra minutes in your routine to style it.

In case your hair is straight and your stylist doesn’t recommend haircuts for thin hair with V-cut layers, consider a chopped cut in a medium length. A lob is a nice option. Pick a delicious hair color, like this creamy blonde balayage if you are a blonde or get color-inspired by decadent chocolate desserts if you are a brunette.

If you have fine hair, you must always learn new tips and tricks how to make it look thicker. Bob haircut is a marvellous solution for thin locks. You just need to choose the right type of this cut. Draw attention to texture and edges, make it messy or wavy, ask your hairstylist for highlights, and you will never have the bad hair day again. All those tricks in our article!

A big plus of fine hair is an opportunity to create many ethereal wispy styles with the feel of air in your hair. This stunning bob is one of the best examples. Cut blunt but styled disconnectedly, it still maintains a perfect shape and features fabulous texture, as well as great coloristic solution.

Your fine hair is long, so you avoided cutting too many layers. Good job! What else is there to do to make long, fine hair appear thicker? Add curls! Curls expand the shape of the hair, giving the illusion of volume.

Blunt bob haircut claimed its right to fame several decades ago, when it first emerged from the skilled scissors of stylist extraordinaire Vidal Sassoon. Haute couture and regular fashionistas haven’t looked back since then. This dramatic, angular style, is suited for a wide array of face shapes and hair textures – but this only partly explains its appeal and staying power. For more proof, check out the twenty picture-perfect hairstyles lined up below.

Fight the good fight against fine locks by rocking a bold hair hue and a cool hair style, like this edgy silver blonde crop. Even if icy tones or pastels aren’t acceptable for your skin tone and eye color, a fiery red or golden blonde will definitely work. Thin hairstyles like these are anything but boring.

Sometimes breaking the rules pays off. Stick straight bob hair, white blonde color, and a wispy fringe are supposed to make thin hair look lifeless, but it does look classy in this case, because the trendy hair color and the cool geometric shape of the cut play first fiddle.

Fine hair can still look full, clearly. Medium haircuts such as this one employ layering, inventive parting and blowout styling. A root fade and highlights are bonuses, and they make you hair look a lot more interesting.

Blunt cuts are hard to pull off with thin hair because they don’t provide much volume. Angled chin-length bobs create the illusion of fullness throughout the back, but still have clean straight lines. By keeping your bob longer in the front, you can frame and soften your face.

If your thin hair is also straight (which is a common case), you are likely to deal with the problem of flat-looking limp hair. A medium choppy hairstyle like in the photo communicates the desirable depth and dimension to your tresses, and the two-tone hair color idea plays here an important role too.